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The Haunted

The Haunted - Michaelbrent Collings Now lets get one thing straight I do love horror and I am always searching out good new unique well written horror..and what's not to like about it! You are alone at home late at night, a little spooky music in the background,low lighting (essential) hot drink, feet elevated (comfort)...lets start reading. The Haunted has a familiar theme (not necessarily bad)young family...Sarah and Cap and the unborn baby...move into an old house which they happened to buy at just the right, once in a lifetime purchase (now that would probably have made you and I suspicious...why so cheap?? what's the catch?..but not our Sarah and Cap..and not forgetting the unborn baby :) As soon as our happy couple (and unborn baby) move into the said house things not surprisingly go badly wrong...for the remainder of this book we are treated to a long list of ghostly characters who are determined that Sarah and Cap (I hate that name!) will not remain...or rather will not escape alive...and that my dear readers is the synopsis of "The Haunted". A good horror story of this type will have one main theme running throughout the read...and that is "isolation" indeed isolation and a sense of dread...with no means of escape is essential to fully portray the sense of loneliness but, in this instance, I would substitute the word isolation for "dreary" To me the only haunted house (hotel) novel that ever successfully worked was "The Shining" a truly brilliant horror story that showed one man's disappearance and downward spiral into mental illness (and an unbelievable movie..good old Jack) The Shinning give new meaning to the word isolation and was the greatest example ever written of this type of book...but back to The Haunted. I had hoped that with the introduction of a third character towards the latter part that the writing/story would improve but unfortunately the third character's role had a predictable feel and outcome (trying not to give the story away) So in conclusion I really did not enjoy this book and thought it did little to add to horror genre..it was predictable in both it's content and conclusion, and not a book I would recommend.....