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Gecko - Jack Priest Ken who? that was my first thought when I happened upon this little gem on a kindle ebook download site. I do love good horror and am also a great crime fan so if you can combine the two and throw in a smidgen of eroticism then you must have the perfect recipe for a good fast read (and that is what the kindle is there for good fast reading)The book description says it all but in addition Jim Monday is receiving telepathic messages from a woman in New Zealand who he can also communicate with telepathically...now here we have a perfect example of what makes a good book adding a "quirky" little sub story all wrapped up in an ancient Maori curse. Needless to say this book moves at a relentless pace, it's just a fun read that does not take itself too seriously but is there simply to entertain. It's also great to see that Jim, a man in his mid 50's,has great sexual prowess with the ladies and being a reader in my mid 50's I am most heartened by this news :)) Simply put read this little gem and enjoy!