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EVIL DOES IT - Joseph King I really had great hope for this thriller especially as I acquired free....but that never excuses poor story telling..deplorable characters and a ridiculous conclusion!! A warning ...."Spoilers".........

The first problem is the story it's much too simple, uncomplicated which leads the reader to utter boredom...and "wake me up when we reach the end...but please make it soon :((" Wilson makes a great discovery a magic cure all pill for addicts, him and the missus don't really like eachother, they have two superduper kids, and a live in nanny.....(are you still awake) Wilson gets kidnapped for his secret pill formula, the babysitter is blackmailed..the kids are taken by the evil Mr Wong...now wait for the real exciting conclusion...Wilson's wife and babysitter disguise themselves as "whores" to infiltrate Mr Wong's fortress...kill the baddies and rescue the kids...what an amazing story......not! I'm with Mr Wong on this and wish the complete family had been "nuked" at the end of the first chapter but as a loyal kindle reader I kept reading to the bitter end...and boy was it bitter...suffice to say I shall not be acquiring any further novels by Mr King...do yourself a favour and do likewise!