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Dead Broken

Dead Broken - Gerard Gray How often do you the reader get presented with the phrase "brilliant..could not put it down" "had to finish" Dead Broken is one of those books when you pick up, start reading, you will want to continue and not stop until the unpredictable and surprising conclusion. Peter Murphy has suffered a great trauma, he was attacked and badly injured both mentally and physically so he has had to take some time out, rest from work and stay at home with his wife Karen and two children...but he doesn't help out at home instead spending his time playing computer games or buying unwanted items on ebay. One such purchase is a book and with this book comes an introduction to Steven man of evil and the brother of a priest accused of murder. This is much more than a straight forward crime story, it explores the deteriorating relationship of two people Karen & Peter living on the edge, and with the greatest of ease progresses into horror most foul and a scene reminiscent of the horror movie Saw....The style of writing is easy on the eye, the story never lets up, the elements of horror and crime are finely balanced to produce a top notch and highly enjoyable first book by Mr Gray. As we progress into the horror theme there are some great and memorable opinions and conversations...."When you're young the world is your oyster, you're a loose cannon free to roam wherever you choose. You can go around the world, join a band, hang around on a street corner drinking with your mates, anything, you have no ties. Then you get older, find a wife, buy a house, have kids and settle down. All you want to do at the end of the day is come home, close your door and relax with a glass of wine in the firm knowledge that both you and your loved ones are snug, cosy and warm. You're no longer a loose canon; your goals in life have changed. In short, you want stability, but what threatens stability? I'll tell you what. Loose cannons threaten stability. Anything that threatens your family and home threatens stability. The youth haven't changed over the years Peter, you have. You're middle aged, just like the rest of society. The youth are no more a threat to you now than they,ve ever been" I also thought that the interaction between Murphy and his dead father a beautiful addition...here we have a man unable to communicate with his wife but can strike up a conversation with his deceased dad, who was committed to an asylum, and the reader is further left to ponder sometimes on what is reality, what is a dream and could Peter Murphy himself be responsible for the recent murders....a delicious mix and intrigue! I actually downloaded this ebook as a freebie to my kindle and was truly amazed by the ease and quality of the writing all elements in the story coming together creating a memorable and highly enjoyable read....I look forward to future books by this author.