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Iron Butterflies Rust

Iron Butterflies Rust - Lee  Thompson So you're travelling through life and you have it all; nice home, loving wife, secure job and a kid that looks up to you...and then in a moment it all disappears and is no more. Frank Gunn good cop encounters one day a situation that changes his life for ever, in an instant his wife Tanya has removed his gun and shot at Albert Chambers who, in a crazed attempt, is holding his kid and pointing a gun at his ex Angela.....bang!! accidentally the child Jeremy is shot and goes into a coma from which he will never recover. From this instant life as Frank knows it spirals out of control as everything he has ever held dear disappears...all in a puff of smoke. Well dear reader that could be you or me, through the eyes of Frank we witness a life and security that is no more...This is a hard, gritty read by the superb Mr Thompson, a book that will teach you not to envy or covet material or worldly possessions but to be thankful for those precious moments you have with with those you love, cherish and hold dear.....but always be wary of the Lizard King!