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Snowball does not hit the spot!

Snowball - Gregory Bastianelli

Snow creates a wonderful setting and atmosphere and is particularly effective when applied to a horror story. This crisp souless, and silence stage needs little extra in the way of descriptions or characters....the silence says it all....


For the first 25% of Snowball the scene is set; a snowplough breaks down in the foulest of New Hampshire weather, leaving in its trail an asortment of abandoned vehicles. The occupants all regroup to recover in an RV, itself a casualty of the snowy conditions. With time on their hands this reluctant cast of survivors retell stories of unusual and horrific happenings from winters past. From this moment Snowball desintegrates into a rather laughable series of events more suitable to a teenage readership than the audience it was intended. Many thanks to netgalley for a gratis copy of Snowball in exchange for an honest review and that is what I have written.