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A delight to read

The Ghost Factory - Jenny McCartney

There is a lot of interest and talk around Irish literature at the moment, enhanced by last years  Booker prize winner Milkman by Anna Burns ( a book that found little merit with me) As an expat from the green and damp bogs of Northern Ireland I am always keen to sample the delights, insights and opinions that a new book can reveal by a previously unknown author: Jenny McCartney. I need not have been concerned The Ghost Factory is a delight to read.


The novel is set post the troubles of the 1970's but Belfast is a city still scarred by its unenviable past, still lacking real investment, an economy mortally wounded. When our narrator Jacky witnesses an act of savagery upon his friend Mitch, and later is himself the recipient of a brutal beating, he is forced to flee and seek sanctuary in London. However the love of his birthland and a burning need for revenge acts as an open wound encouraging him to return to right the ways of his past.


What I loved about the author's style was her ability to bring to life the mindset of the battle weary  Irish populace, the clipped hard "Ulster" speak and the dark brooding Irish humour. Highly Recommended