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Great addition to the series

The Hanging Club (DC Max Wolfe) - Tony Parsons

A self appointed Vigilante group is roaming the streets of London administering their own  brand of retribution. Those perpetrators who have seemingly escaped justice, or received a soft sentence, are kidnapped blindfolded taken to a hidden location where lady luck in no longer in residence and the ferryman of Hades is about to cross the river Styx.


Tony Parsons is a totally unique crime writer. He brings all the love, all the emotion, all the need, all the want from his writing debut Man & Boy, and weaves his style and finesse into the mindset of DC Max Wolfe. We have a detective with the cunning of a fox and the heart of a lion. Underneath this tough exterior is the deep love he has for his daughter Scout and their faithful dog Stan. Parsons writing has the ability to stop me in my tracks and just ponder the words before me...."All parents want the same things for their children. But the single parent wants something extra"....."You can make new friends Jackson Rose said looking at me..but you can't make old friends"......"I felt myself on the very edge of the blackness that lasts forever, and it felt as sweet and welcome as home"...."it is when we are closest to death that we cling most strongly to life"...."but in the end we all run out of time"....


Yet another great read from the delicate hand of Tony Parsons. Perhaps the story lacks a little credibility but the authors skilful technique, and wonderful warm characters makes it a great addition to the Max Wolfe series.