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A fine example of our justice system in action

In your Defence - Sarah Langford

A book that is of great interest to me as I work in the law courts. It always strikes me, no matter how simple a case can be, in the final analysis a crime not only has repercussions with the perpetrator and the immediate victim, but can have far reaching consequences to people beyond the crime itself. There is no greater example of this than family cases where often the mother and father have few if any social skills, often they are drug dependant and a relationship that is in essence volatile can in no way tolerate the introduction of a child. Sarah Langford in her excellent novel explores cases she has directly been involved and a number are sadly family related.This is a sober account of our justice system in action and how we attempt to right the wrongs that people commit, people who never want to accept responsibility for their evil deeds.The author through a number of poignant examples gives the reader a great insight into the workings of the law courts in modern society. Recommended.