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An essential read about a troubled time in history

Say Nothing - Patrick Radden Keefe

I am well versed to have an opinion on this book, I am a child of the 50's and spent my teenage years as a student in Belfast. We as residents of this troubled country accepted it as normal that cities were surrounded by concrete and wire and many had police/army checkpoints for all who entered...and quite right too. It was dangerous, bombs could explode with little warming and incendiary devices were often discreetly hidden waiting for shoppers to vacate premises before the building was set alight....I should know, I worked as a student in a high street retailer which was set alight 3 times. "Say Nothing" is probably one of the best accounts I have ever read about the sad plight of Northern Ireland and it's persecuted residents who suffered bombs, intimidation, fear and sorrow as an everyday occurrence. This book beautifully creates an atmosphere of mistrust, not knowing where and when the enemy would strike, not knowing who to talk to or trust. They are all here the players of that time; Marin McGuinness, the politically correct Jerry Adams, and the loud thunderous roar of evangelical minister the Reverend Ian Paisley. Highly recommended not only as a thrilling read but as an important social history.