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The evil that men do

The Librarian of Auschwitz - Antonio G. Iturbe

There appears to be a plethora of books recently dealing with atrocities committed during the 2ndww. The Librarian of Auschwitz is a fine example and shows how in the midst of living amongst the wretchedness and unbelievable cruelty of Auschwitz ordinary everyday life can just continue. It says something for the human spirit that when all around you are dying the simple pleasure of reading a banned book or  discussing them can somehow bind people together and make day to day living in such squalor seem bearable. The story of Dita Kraus is a blend of mixing the facts around a well presented novel and makes for inspirational reading. Bringing order and resilience is really the only way to survive and the simple task of lending and discussing creates a kind of normality when faced with evil from such monstrous individuals as Joseph Mengele and Rudolf Hoess commandant of Auschwitz. A difficult book to read but essential if we are ever to understand how the evil intent of men must not be allowed to prevail.