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The Drop - Michael Connelly

What a truly fantastic read by what has to be my favourite crime writer; Michael Connelly. What is it about his style, what is it about his writing that makes a character so real, so unbelievably complex yet so dedicated who truly believes "Everybody counts or nobody counts." Bosch working with the unsolved crimes unit is looking into historic cases that were never resolved, in this particular instance the murder of Lily Price some 20 years previous. Added to this he has been requested, by his long-time rival Councilman Irvin Irving, to help apprehend the murderer of his son George.  There is so much that is "human" about Harry Bosch constantly working as a lone maverick and ignoring advice or guidance from his immediate superior or his present partner David Chu. Harry is so arrogant so impossible to work with, a maverick who always seems to read and understand the facts before anyone else and thus identify the culprit.


Irvin Irving has especially requested Bosch to find the truth behind his son's death, no matter how painful that truth may be. Irving has no love for Harry but he knows that this wily experienced detective will surely uncover the story behind his son's suggested suicide. Meanwhile the historic search for the killer of Lily Price will lead Bosch on a journey into the mind of an evil predator where depravity knows no bounds. Add to this the emergence of Harry's daughter Maddie into adulthood, and a timely long overdue love interest then we have all the ingredients for a wonderful read. Michael Connelly brings to life the daily pressure and decisions that are a constant occurrence for the officers within the LAPD....."Every Cop knew that quietly carrying the horrors of the job inside could be like carrying untreated cancer".... It has been a joy to read  "The Drop" over the last 24 hours I could not put the novel aside which is a tribute to the brilliant storytelling. A fantastic 10 star read! one of the best in series and highly highly recommended