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Meeting the great Chris Carter


What a great day on Tuesday time to meet one great crime author Chris Carter. It was fantastic to learn about his writing style and the fact that he has never been an avid reader but his career to date and especially his work as a criminal psychologist has certainly provided him with lots of crime writing material. The early part of the book signing involved Chris answering questions from a co presenter before turning the event over to the floor. I did wonder and indeed asked him was there not a little bit of Chris Carter in the character of Carlos Garcia as it turns out both were born in Sao Paulo Brazil and both have long and flowing locks which they like to keep tied back with a hair band! I was also curious as to who he thought should play Robert Hunter when the inevitable movie deal is offered. The casting is so important ( just look at Titus Welliver's brilliant interpretation of Harry Bosch) which probably comes down to, in the case of Bosch, the writer Michael Connelly being involved very closely in the production