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Great little horror story but................

Insomniac: A Horror Thriller - Bryan Michaels

When Mason Stone is wakened to the sounds of a neighbours party he notices that his wife Natalie is missing and all that is left is her crumpled red sleeping shirt under her pillow. What follows is the ramblings of an insomniac as he tries to discover the fate of his wife but he is soon to be faced with an horrific reality. This was a fast short read that I really enjoyed and as the book proceeded, the lines between reality and sanity became merged as Mason slipped more and more into his nightmare of paranoia. I do however wish that the author had paid more attention to the atrocious grammar that littered what was otherwise a very addictive read and I list a few examples, with the missing word or wrong word enclosed in brackets...."letting everyone (know) that she didn't come home"...." but this woman was driving a Dodge and was wore (wearing) jeans"....."as Peroni began took (taking) pictures of Mason"...."who were will (willing) to listen"...."I just would like some time alone. You can came (come) back tomorrow"...."He would know it isn't is (his)


There is no excuse for such sloppiness. I read and review many books on netgalley and I expect (unfortunately) mistakes as I am reading an advance/unproofed/uncorrected copy. However Insomniac is "sold" to readers who will hopefully enjoy and review positively, yet the author seems happy to present his work littered with simple grammatical errors. Having said that I decided to review this story on its content rather than poor use of the English Language.....