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Fun educational read for the young and young at heart!

Doctor Who: I Am A Dalek - Gareth Roberts

Doctor Who reinvented itself in the early 2000's being centred in the City of Cardiff and using the locality for many of it's location shots. "I am a Dalek" is a young adult short story that sees the Doctor and his trusty assistant Rose once again fighting his nemesis the evil Dalek with that familiar cry "exterminate" The tardis has landed in a village in the south of England where an archaeologist dig has just uncovered, along with some ancient relics, a rusty old Dalek. There is the usual standoff with our flamboyant hero (in this instant played by the excellent David Tennat) rushing around before emerging victorious and exiting into netherspace presumably to fight his arch enemy at another time and in another dimension. This is classed as a short read and not only is it a great introduction to Doctor Who but a good teaching tool to improve and encourage reading amongst the young in a time and a world dominated by facebook and twitter....that's the real enemy Doctor not the Daleks!