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The Impossible Dead - Ian Rankin Ian Rankin to me will always be synonymous with John Rebus but Rebus, although still fighting crime, is in retirement and so its good to meet a new hero in town DI Malcolm Fox. He's working in the complaints dept(internal affairs to you and me) and together with two comrades has been sent to the kingdom of Fife to investigate the strange case of Detective Paul Carter. Carter who has been found guilty of misconduct and it is feared that fellow officers have been complicit in a cover-up. The Complaints Dept look into corruption within the police force, their own ranks, and are thus never popular. What starts as a simple case becomes ever more complicated and takes Fox and his team on a dangerous journey stretching back some 30years which will result in uncovering wrong doing at the highest echelons of Scottish Society... This is an excellent story, taut, well told, intelligent with a very satisfying outcome. There are few authors who can command such respect as Ian Rankin and once again he proves to be a master of the crime genre with a character driven tale immersed deep in the local Scottish culture. Superb!