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The violent world of PI Frank Behr

Signature Kill: A Novel (Frank Behr) - David Levien

It's probably true to say that this book reads a little like a movie or tv series and therefore no surprise to learn that the author David Levien is both a screenwriter and Director. This is the third book I have read starring PI Frank Behr ; ex cop now private eye, a real loner with a sad past, broken relations and a dead son. We now discover him in a relationship ( I use the term loosely) with Susan and a son they have together...Trevor (unusual to find anyone naming a son Trevor! and so great respect to Susan as my name is Trevor!) Frank spots a billboard, the originator is searching for her lost daughter Kendra Gibbons, and he decides to help, attracted by the large reward money on offer. This leads him into a cat and mouse game with the perpetrator as this psychopath continues to kidnap and torture, in the most horrific way, innocent young girls. Will Frank be able to bring the killer to justice and at the same time find some peace and reconciliation in his private life?


David Levien's books are easy to read with a very uncomplicated singular plot which probably reflects on his movie and tv background. They are not works of great literary acclaim but this is not always a bad thing as we often read for fun and escapism. For me what really dragged this book up to a 4 star rating was the completely unexpected last few chapters and an ending which although may have been out of character for Frank Behr, surely asks a lot of questions about his own mental state? To say more might disclose the plot in what proved to be once again an enjoyable excursion into the curious, complicated and often violent world of PI F Behr.