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Cosmic horror

Siren of Depravity - Gary Fry

Gary Fry's writing always takes place around his native North East and interweaves good storytelling with frightening horror elements and outer worldly cosmic happenings.


Siren of Depravity introduces us to Harry Keyes, his wife Olivia and daughter Eva, but all is not normal in the Keyes Household. During his daughter's 7th birthday he receives a call from his brother Dexter who he last had contact with some 10 years ago. His brother requests help to locate his mother (not the same as Harry's mum) and this investigation will send Harry on a path of no return....a path of depravity and torture...a path that will see Harry come face to face with "ancient entities existing underground in the North York Moors".....and more especially...."the notion of occult practices, of creatures living under the earth in North Yorkshire, and of attempts to resummon such entities through dark practices."


An enjoyable and well paced story with a slow and well written introduction culminating and concluding in scenes of depravity, but never overdone and essential to the overall structure of the narrative. I think at heart this is a novel about the importance of family and how the destructive influence of an evil and abusive parent (Harry and Dexter's cruel father) can be used to intimidate and threaten.