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Exciting new name in the thriller genre

The Butcher's Son - Grant McKenzie

There are many and varied reasons why we read but paramount above all others is the simple premise, we want to be amused...we want to be thrilled and for a little time....no matter how short, we want to be transported to another dimension lost in the writing, thoughts and creations of a good author. Grant McKenzie is certainly an emerging star in the thriller genre!


Meet Ian Quinn, a child protection officer with his own sad past. He was there when his daughter Emily died, crossing the road to meet her dad Ian after school. How does one over get over such a tragedy, quite simply you don't but if you are to go on you must learn to live with the guilt. So in some ways Ian's job can help ease his conscience as he tries to give to those children that which he failed to deliver to his own child....."When I think about how Helena and I ripped our marriage apart after losing Emily."


An unexpected inheritance comes his way, his grandfather Augustus bequeaths Ian his Butchers shop and the mystery that unravels forces our hero to question every value that he has ever held to be true. He will learn the truth but his sister's disappearance, the dreadful death and wonderful work accomplished by his grandfather. He will come to know evil in the form of Walter Zilig as he attempts to discover the relationship between Zelig and Augustus, and tries to piece together the jigsaw concerning the disappearance of Zelig's own daughter Constance. It may all sound a little complicated but it is not and once started I devoured every word hoping that Ian Quinn would finally have some peace in his life. I did however find that his romantic relationship with Rosella Ragano ,solicitor, a little incredible. His first meeting was not quite the professional affair I expected, they appeared to have and want an immediate sexual encounter within minutes of meeting. Having said that this is perhaps just me being a little jealous :)


Many thanks to the good people at "edelweiss" for supplying me with a gratis copy for a full and honest review, and that is what I have written. I really enjoyed this introduction to the working mind of Grant McKenzie and I look forward to reading many more of his novels.