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Delicious mix of crime and horror

Cold Moon Over Babylon - Michael McDowell

This is an excellent crime story combined with colourful horror overtones! The setting is in the deep south of the US in the small neighbourhood of Babylon. From the beginning I could feel the heat and the tension and the fear that was about to stalk this rural community. The characters came alive especially the hard working Larkin family; Grandma Evelyn, Jerry and Margaret Larkin trying to earn a meagre living by growing blueberries and selling at the local market. One day on the way home from school Margaret Larkin meets a stranger and this encounter has some long lasting repercussions..."A man leapt out of the dense shrubbery. He dashed into the  middle of the road. His movement was at first so rapid that she could make out nothing of his appearance but that he was very dark. Then he was still, with his strong legs placed wide apart over the centre line, his long arms rigidly outstretched to halt her. Above his black pants, the hair on his chest was so thick, the skin beneath it so deeply tanned, that she did not immediately realize he wore no shirt. Covering his head was a black leather hood, tight-fitting and fastened on the side, with slits cut out above the eyes."


There is a murderer at large in Babylon and the reason he targets the Larkin family becomes apparent as the story develops. As the body count mounts an evil presence makes itself known and will not rest until some form of justice is dispensed. I thought this was a thrilling story combining my two favourite genres crime and fiction, written by an author I have only recently been introduced to and I look forward to reading his remaining works.