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A mixture of young adult and crime, an enjoyable read

Abram's Bridge - Glenn Rolfe

This is a fast and enjoyable  story which I read complete from start to finish. Li'l Ron meets the ghost of Sweet Kate under a bridge and she discloses to him that she did not actually disappear in the year 2000 (as was rumoured) but was brutally murdered. With his trusty bike Ron pieces together the clues that leads him to confront some well known residents of the community in an attempt to solve the demise of one sweet little girl. The story moves at a very fast pace and one cannot help but feel great warmth for our hero Li'l Ron who, in addition to identifying the perpetrator, attempts to keep his father Greg from slipping into a depressive alcohol state following the departure of his wife Jen (and Ron's mum) some weeks prior. What I enjoy about coming of age stories is that they concentrate, correctly, on the young presenting them as much wiser than the adults who are meant to be there to support them during the exciting and often troubled emergence from youth to adult.