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Solid offering from a great author

Milestone: The Collected Stories - Kealan Patrick Burke

Welcome to Milestone; town of hell and damnation; town of no hope or salvation; town of evil and mystery;...."This town's reserved for the dreamless, the lost and the hopeless."


Kealan Patrick Burke's collected stories of Milestone are four short episodes in the life of a town that permeates evil and greatly affects those drawn to its magnetic personality. In The Witch Deputy Bryce Carrigan encounters Karen Thompson at the scene of an accident, a long time resident of St. Christian's Mental Home. Her prophetic words cast a spell on his existence and he realizes in life that "he wanted to be loved without ever having to love back because he wasn't able.


"Saturday Night at Eddies, a watering hole for lost souls a type of Dodge City, Deadwood, and Ricks's cafe in Casablanca. With all that sweat and testosterone under one roof the ending can be nothing but explosive.


"Thirty Miles South of Dry County" Warwick Tanner recounts a story concerning his good friends Dick and Sven heading for Milestone to confront the evil Mayor Kirkland...        "most people who went into Milestone didn't come back." This is a first class horror story of friendship and evil with a very apt conclusion, and some very descriptive and moving prose...."Couldn't keep my beloved wife from suffering while the cancer took its time with her, and I couldn't leave this godforsaken place because I were too old, too settled, and too afraid that if I drummed up the courage to try I'd find the road were gone because I'd waited too long.


In The Palaver an evil salesman comes calling spreading hope and false security to Oscar's failing barbershop business...."Whenever society loses its way, when evil eclipses good in the shadowy corners of this world, the razors come out to crop it back down. They have to, or what remains will be nothing worth saving."


A solid read and outstanding prose from a much respected author containing some deep thoughts and observations...."I was not always old, he thinks, and smiles sadly. I just woke up one day and there it was."