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Superbly executed apocalyptic tale

The Night Parade - Ronald Malfi

Ronald Malfi's contribution to an apocalyptic tale is a superbly executed story which has at its heart the relationship of a father and daughter and the sacrifices that one man will make to keep her safe and well. There is a certain similarity between Robert McCammons  Swan Song where "Swan" Sue Wanda is hoping to create a better world from the ashes Armageddon.


David Arlen and his daughter Ellie are fleeing across a disease ridden America, their destination the home and hopefully security of his half brother Tim. Wanderer's Folly is a fatal condition that attacks the brain, causing hallucinations where the recipient coughs up blood before collapsing on the ground in a series of convulsions. David's wife Kathy, although immune to the disease, was incarcerated in an attempt to discover the source of this immunity. She was cruelly exploited resulting in her ultimate death from the "folly" and now the race is on to capture, imprison and experiment Ellie who has inherited the same immunity..."They're not looking for me, baby". he said. "They're looking for you. That special thing about your mom that one-ina-trillion resistance she had against the disease that made her immune...you've got it, too. It's in you, too. You're immune, Ellie."


Ronald Malfi's writing is really an analysis of the human condition; what binds us together; what sets us apart as humans; He is a great believer in the human emotions of love, needs and wants. He is a true supporter of the family unit, the love that exists between a husband and wife and the unbreakable bonds between a child and its parents. The Night Parade is an apocalyptic story with few wasted words, an exciting tale of an adventure that is doomed never to have a happy ending but one that will make you both sad and smile as one little girl reaches out to grasp her ultimate destiny.