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Good old fashioned horror

The Auctioneer - Joan Samson

A good old fashioned horror story from the 70's with none off the gratuitous sex and violence offered in so many publications today and sometimes that is no bad thing in fact at times quite refreshing. Set in a small New Hampshire town of Harlowe the story revolves around a hard working farmer John Moore, his wife Miriam (Mim) and their four year old daughter Hildie. This is a close-knit community where families and friends share their lives, loves,problems and successes. Into this environment steps Perly Dunsmore "The Auctioneer" who spends his time convincing the locals to donate products/items to the local weekly auction all proceeds of which will benefit the community. However as befits all good horror tales nothing is ever quite that simple and it soon becomes clear that Dunsmore has a hidden agenda, and by means of mafia type intimidation hopes to acquire power and riches beyond his wildest dreams.


The locals find themselves in a downward spiral as everything they worked for and paid with sweat and toil is taken by this evil impostor. It is quite easy to draw parallels between dictators such as Hitler or Stalin and in some ways to understand how the charisma and persuasive powers of such individuals can impact on the lives of simple country folks going about their daily tasks in an open and honest fashion. As we head towards an exciting conclusion it is clear that Perly Dunsmore hopes to strip every Harlowe resident of their worldly possessions....unless of course the good people can eradicate this evil before it is too late....