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Brilliant high octane thriller

The Time to Kill - Mason Cross

I could rave on to you and extol the virtues of this brilliant high octane thriller but why bother as the writing, the book, and the author speaks volumes. I highly rated The Samaritan by Mason Cross and was excited to receive a complimentary copy of "The Time to Kill" from those good folks at netgalley due for release late June here in the UK.


We once again meet Carter Blake, skilled man hunter, and ex special forces operative. Some readers may try to draw similarities between Blake and Jack Reacher but there is no comparison Blake is a much more articulate, intelligent, withdrawn, sensitive individual the total antithesis of Lee Child's Reacher. Blake had an arrangement with "Winterlong" his highly secretive ex employees that in return for not disclosing sensitive information he would be allowed to live a life of seclusion in any way he chose. However the new head of Winterlong, Faraday, is about to break that agreement as she sends out a highly trained group of killers/operatives to deal with the "Blake" problem in the only way she views as appropriate....execution.


This is a thrill a minute ride as Blake attempts to keep one step ahead of the assassins journeying east to his hideaway in New York where surprises await all involved. We also learn a little more of Blake's past as Mason Cross skilfully unravels events that occurred five years previously and expertly weaves this story into the present. This is a modern thriller and yet at times the tension reminded me so much of great stories from the past.....John Buchan's classic The 39 Steps when Richard Hannay is forced to flee north to Scotland hotly perused by a sinister bunch of anti government spies....Marathon Man by William Goldman when Tom "babe" Levy is forced to flee the scurrilous spectre of his father's suicide when a visit from his brother starts an horrific chain of events and the "marathon run" must now run for his life!


So a highly recommended 5 star review from me and I  shall now seek out "The Killing Season" the first in the series and the only Carter Blake adventure I have not yet read. If you enjoy high octane thrills, if you like to burn the midnight oil then I implore you to make the acquaintance of Mr Blake....but be very careful!