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a big and I mean BIG disappointment!

Mister White: A Dark Thriller - Grey Matter Press, Anthony Rivera, John C. Foster

For all those positive reviews on Mister White and for all those reviewers who thought this pathetic imitation of a horror story was "Brilliant"..."This is an amazing Thril Ride!!" (is that an intentional spelling error?)...."I can't stop saying his name" I only have one appropriate comment to make....."BOLL**KS!


This is possible the worst story I have ever read, yes even worse than "Night of the Nazi Zombies" (my review amazon uk  Jan 4th 2012) Once the words "Who is Mister White" are uttered then hell and confusion abound in a story that has no direction no meaning, no plot, no memorable or likeable characters, no nothing!! When I tell you that those words are the opening lines in Chapter 1 then you will probably wonder how I ever managed to not only read but finish! It was tough dear readers of my review but I wanted to share my thoughts with you before you commit yourself to the buy button on Amazon! To think I actually spent £4.14 of my hard earned spondolies (cash to you and me) on this pitiful excuse of storytelling brought to you by Grey Matter Press.


This is a chase story and anyone who utters those immortal words "Who is Mister White" is hounded to death by some supernatural entity who will end your life in the most brutal manner. Lewis Edgar makes the unfortunate mistake of asking the White question and this starts a chain of events which sees him journeying from deepest Russia to his wife Cat and daughter Hedde in America. A coded message is received by Cat containing the word "Headband" and immediately she knows that she must flee following Lewis's careful instructions..."Go to Gerard's. Listen to Gerard. Do not leave Gerard's".....and that's about as good as it gets!!


I was totally bored, confused and perplexed, the writing was poor, the characters and characterization were introduced and forgotten in equal measures. Endless paragraphs of frightened people running aimlessly around akin to headless chickens in the farmyard of a demented farmer! There was the usual gratuitous violence, truncating body parts and a nice splattering of blood, but this is NOT enough to keep me entertained I want intelligence and horror that makes me think and question not this mindless drivel


Just before I pressed the buy button for Mister White I debated would it not be wiser to purchase 11/23/63 by the master of penmanship Stephen King. No I thought as I read the "buzz words" on the publishers website..."a potent mix of horror espionage and mystery"..."a finely tuned cat and mouse thriller"...."the most thrilling thing about Mister White is the way it is written"......(yeah right get a life!!) So I bought Mister White, much to my regret, but I will never make that mistake again and will think seriously about the merits of reading from small or self publishers in the future.