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A very disappointing read

Love Story, With Murders - Harry Bingham

The problem with the writing of Harry Bingham is you either enjoy his style, his quirky and somewhat detached 1st person adventure or you struggle and find the whole experience tedious and irritating.


Having previously read and enjoyed "Talking to the Dead" I was eager to learn more about the life of DC Fiona Griffiths and her daily battle with the depressive and psychotic disease known as Cotard's Syndrome. Body parts have been discovered and it is the job of our intrepid and courageous Fiona to solve the case and bring the perpetrators to justice whilst coping with the effects of her illness. Unfortunately the temperament and attitude of the central character could do very little to rescue what essentially was a somewhat boring and overlong police procedural. I also discovered that by page 440 the very endearing qualities of the author's style once so enjoyable had now become frankly laborious. To discover that the key to unlocking the murders resided at a small engineering firm in the town of Barry only added to the parochial quality of the story telling, and in the end I really struggled to finish.