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The way to write a short horror story

Don't Turn on The Light: Crossing the line - Max China

This was downloaded as a free short read on my kindle and is a good example of how to write a short story with a memorable snappy storyline good characters and perhaps more importantly a great conclusion.


Frank and Shelley and their two children have moved into a big old rambling house. Surprisingly their offer was successful and now is the time to become acquainted with their new surroundings. The structure includes a rusty old radio transmission tower "The structure soared upwards of one hundred feet; the aerial on top seemed to disappear into infinity." There is also a mysterious locked basement where a noisy dynamo emits a light that appears to communicate with the radio tower. Frank decides to investigate the source of noise/light in the hope that he can solve the problem and this means entering the locked basement....


This is certainly the recipe for  a good horror story as our hero heads into the dark unknown to discover the mysterious light source and there he encounters "Edward Sparkes and his Amazing Magnetic Magic Show" The author does not disappoint and the ending is quite unexpected concluding what is a fun little horror story and a great way to spend an idle 30 minutes but remember do not go into the basement!