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Suffer ye not!

Suffer - E.E. Borton

This is certainly not a work of any great literary prowess and I suspect it does not profess to be. Kate’s life is in chaos when she is brutally attacked in her home by a psychotic maniac and her son Caleb is horribly mutilated and murdered. As if this is not enough her husband Paul commits suicide as he cannot stand the pain or live without them......so just your normal every day occurrence in downtown US :)


But our Kate is a real “gutsy” lady and not only does she survive but with her trusty friends and, newly inherited immense wealth, sets up home in sunny Florida. From there she spends the rest of the book plotting to seek out and find the individual who destroyed her life and family.


This is an ok read, fast and fun which unfortunately begins to get a little “wordy” and lose direction in the middle third. The violence when it happens is quite graphic and bloody and the reader soon realizes he is heading for a gore feast at the invitation of Kate in her beautiful Florida home. Will Kate survive? Will the murderer be caught? Will the reader manage to get to the end without boredom setting in?...and most importantly will the sun keep shining in Florida? And what’s on telly tonight?


If you have a few hours to pass and require a little mindless entertainment then Suffer may just be the book for you. As the title suggests I began to feel the effects of suffering the longer I read and was very pleased when Kate reached the end of her mission........