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Obsession and blood in this relationship novella

Unit 731 - Craig  Saunders

Anyone obsessed with the history of Imperial Japan’s Epidemic and water Purification may possibly be lacking in social skills…and Luke Benson is no exception. When we first encounter Luke he is with his friends Damien and Miles “the 731” and about to uncover the contents of a little wooden box…”In the tin, dried desiccated: a c**k, severed at the root. Even withered as it was it was unmistakable”. This nicely sets the tone for the rest of this character driven story of one family’s madness, relationships and hidden secrets that boil over into a bloody encounter. There are some wonderful characters most notably hired killer Leverett Caron, the wanderer David Ellison returning home, and Reggie Ellison a grizzled old Korean War Vet with stories to tell. When this dysfunctional family meet blood will fly and events will occur that can never be undone.


Craig Saunders in an author of dark fiction and this is a compelling short novella that showcases his writing talent. I look forward to his future publications.