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This author has the ability to shock!

Mother's Boys - Bernard Taylor

There is an eerie detachment in reading this book that makes it all the more horrific in both its story and its content. Bernard Taylor has the ability to lull the reader into a false sense of security and in Mother’s Boys we are supposedly examining the consequences of family breakdown. For those however versed in the author’s style events are never that simple and the shock content when it arrives is totally unexpected and brilliant in its execution.


Kester and Michael are unhappy that their father Robert has split the family home choosing to live with Netta and now all four children Kester, Michael, Ben and Daisy only visit mum Judith at certain times. So the plot is simple, the language and style easy to read which makes the arrival of the shock content all the more abhorrent. To delve more into the story would spoil the delights that await the unexpected reader, and once again I am amazed that Bernard Taylor has never received the recognition he so deserves. Highly Recommended!