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Lacking in direction....cliched storyline...

Blood Sisters (Katie Maguire) - Graham Masterton

I have a real problem with Katie Maguire, for a high ranking police officer she is so tangled and confused.....

She love’s John? or does she? John loves her? or does he? John may want to live with her in Ireland or may want to move to San Francisco and indulge his pastime within a global pharmaceutical empire? He moves to San Francisco and then moves back! Katie is pregnant but the baby is not John’s rather her next door neighbour who she became intimate with when John decided to go Stateside.....but now John’s back....and Katie love’s John and John love’s Katie? What will John say when he discovers that Katie is pregnant with the child of his next door neighbour who is now unfortunately but conveniently dead....surely his love for Katie will forgive all of her little misdemeanours....yeah right Katie get a life!!

Now as if this was not enough Katie is now even questioning her own sexuality as she appears to be succumbing to the advances of the attractive Sergeant Ni Nuallan known as “Kyna” ....”Without a word, Katie took Kyna into her arms and held her close. Kyna dropped her folder on to the carpet and held Katie, too. They kissed, tenderly but chastely, both with their eyes open, as if they needed to see one another as close as possible”.....

Amongst all this personal angst we have the brutal butchering of some lovely old nuns just going about their daily job of spreading the good word. It seems that a number of the good sisters have an evil past and someone is out for revenge and in typical Graham Masterton style this revenge is long, brutal and bloody.

Having read and enjoyed previous Katie Maguire adventures particularly A Terrible Beauty (now renamed White Bones) I found this latest offering by Mr Masterton devoid of ideas lacking in direction and with a somewhat clichéd storyline. As is a trade mark of the author some extreme violence is introduced but this does little to enhance a story that is doomed to mediocrity from the first chapter and even a cliffhanger type ending does little to endear the reader to the complicated childish and pathetic world of Detective Superintendent Katie Maguire.