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Stinger - Robert R. McCammon Lets face it some people love a certain story...others just cannot or do not enjoy. Now there are a lot of McCammon fans out there and I rate Wolf's Hour and Boy's Life as superb novels....but I could not enjoy Stinger and had great trouble finishing. I'ts basically the story of an alien invasion on a small community and the effect that this has on the day to day life of the residents. I did quite enjoy the first 200 pages (before the baddies arrived) and found some likeable characters and looked forward to the development of the plot line...however...once the invasion happened we have the big fight of good v evil (in the form of a scorpion like stinger alien!)and this struggle went on for some 300+ pages and frankly it bored the *** of me. I really fought to finish this story but somehow managed to hold on until the bitter end (which was no real surprise)...Sorry not for me:(