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Stay Alive

Stay Alive - Simon Kernick Ok so this book is not going to win any prizes in the deep thinking big character development novel but what it lacks in feeling it makes up for sheer enjoyment...and lets face it sometimes it's good to just go along for the ride :)...Amanda Rowan arrives home to find that her husband is upstairs in bed with his mistress and guess what both have been murdered!! and not only that the killer is still present and wants to claim Amanda as his third trophy for the day. So starts a great white knuckle ride and edge of the seat fun thriller...which never takes itself too seriously but is great fun and adds a little bit of light hearted killer fun to a good old crime caper. There are some top class baddies and a (flawed...is there any other) hero Scope with a little gangster and Russian mafia imput! What more could you want I really enjoyed and will certainly be reading lots more by Mr Kernick.