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I live in Bristol UK literary fiction and crime are my books of choice and when not reading I like to run

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Deadlift - Craig Saunders Take a touch of film noir, add a little bit of hard boiled and a smidgen of Stephen King stir them all together and the final result will be something very similar to Deadlift. I did enjoy this short tale told in a very direct manner through the eyes of a troubled David Lowe abused in childhood by a violent father “own your own guilt and pay your dept” and possibly showing signs of insanity as he arranges for the death of his wife Freya Lowe. If you add to this mix a killer known as the “other man” bound up with the mystical qualities of the “mask” and an elevator in freefall then the result is an adrenaline fuelled fun read. The style and tautness of writing together with an unusual ending keeps the reader’s attention from start to finish.....”When David Lowe’s ocular cavity was penetrated by a fragment from the explosion as he leaned over the shaft to call to his wife, it was not a fragment of metal that penetrated his face...It was a fragment of his wife”.........read and enjoy!