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Ursa Major

Ursa Major - John R. Little, Frank Walls Top Notch! This is everything a short read should be....snappy (little joke!) grabbing the readers attention (another little joke!)but most importantly sheer enjoyment. You know the situation you're trying to bond with your step daughter and suggest to her mum that both of you travel to a log cabin in deepest Alaska where you can stare at the stars (Ursa Major) and get to know eachother over a few days. So there you are snowed in...it's below freezing....you are miles from any town...and big daddy!! Ursa Major comes calling..are you surprised :)" The Great Bear. A flash image of the big dipper zipped through his mind, and he felt the irony of loving seeing Ursa Major in the sky the other night. Now it seemed like that was a million years ago."

I read this short story in one sitting and loved every minute. That wily old bear has got our two heroes trapped in the cabin and he is quite prepared to wait it out as he has already enjoyed his horderves (I'll not disclose that little surprise)Will old Ursa be sitting down to his main couse? or will Dan and Nicole escape his evil claws....read and enjoy! Well done Mr Little not only is this a great concise and cautionary little tale (for the wise) but a brilliant and well executed (no pun intended) conclusion....:)