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Dark Corners

Dark Corners - Michael Bray A truly outstanding short horror story collection by an author I have never read before...but will certainly do again. These are quite intelligent,very dark in parts and each story is linked in some way. There is so much to mention from mad pyschopathic grannies, live underground burials, end of the world scenarios and my all time favourite a demented clown/children's entertainer. I particularly loved this character Freddy Yurple the clown, just turned 51 and hates his life, hates his ex wife, drinks too much and loathes the little brats he has to perform his routine for...but today will be different! " He felt the part now, and was ready to perform. He slipped the belt full of ammunition around his waist, and slung the bag of hand grenades over his shoulder. The M16 and sawn off shotgun were already loaded, and he filled the remaining pockets of his jacket with as much extra ammo as would fit.There was a knock on the door, then a voice, gone as quickly as it arrived..."Yurple. Showtime".....

You take a risk when reading something by a new author especially a collection of ideas and happenings in one volume. I was amazed by the quality and writing of each and every story and I have no hesitation in giving it my highest recommendation!!